Koszulki Standard CCG 66x91 niebieskie (80szt)

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Niebieskie (R)koszulki ochronne na karty do gier, wykonane z czystego polipropylenu, bez zawartości PVC, grubość 40 mikronów. Lista gier do których pasują koszulki: Magic the Gathering(TM) ,Pokemon(TM) 1960: Making of the President, 2 de Mayo,51st State (2010), A Game of Thrones LCG - Chapter Pack, A Game of Thrones LCG - Core, Acquire (2008), Alien Frontiers (2010), Arcana by Agi, Arena Assault, Arena Assault Expansions, Arctic Scavengers (2009), Ascension CCG by Pro Tour Champions, Attack!, Bargain Hunter (2010), Battlecry, Battleground: Fantasy Warfare, Battleline, Battles of the American Revolution - Savannah, Battles of the American Revolution - Pensacola, Bugs (2010), Burn Rate, Cabo (Slugfest), Call of Cthulhu CCG, Call of Cthulhu LCG, Call of Cthulhu LCG - Asylum Pack, Call of Cthulhu LCG - Core Set, Camelot Legends, Catacombs, Claustrophobia (2009), Cold War: CIA Vs. KGB, Combat Commander: Europe, Combat Commander: Mediterranean, Combat Commander: Pacific, Commands &amp(R) Colors Ancients Exp #5 (Epic), Commands &amp(R) Colors: Ancients, Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel, Conquest of Paradise, Conquest of Planet Earth, Conquest of the Empire, Corunea, Cutthroat Caverns + Deeper, Cutthroat Caverns: Deeper &amp(R) Darker (2007), Cutthroat Caverns: Relics &amp(R) Ruin (2008), Cutthroat Caverns: Tombs &amp(R) Tomes (2009), Deadlands: Doomtown, Deadlands: The Battle for Slaughter Gulch, Defenders Of The Realm, Down in Flames - Aces High, Down in Flames - Guns Blazing, Duck Duck Go, Duck Duck Safari, Duel Of The Ages, Dungeoneer, Dungeoneer: Vault of the Fiends, Dwarven Dig, Eminent Domain (2010), Empire Of The Sun, En Guarde (Slugfest), Face Cards (Poker NOT Bridge), Fightball, Fishing For Terrorists (Slugfest), Florenza (2010), For Sale (Fred Edition), For the People, Forbidden Island, Frontline D-Day, Game of Thrones CCG, Gem Dealer, Get Bit, Guillotine, Halls of Montezuma, Hera and Zeus, Here I Stand, Hordes,Hornet Leader - Carrier Air Operations, Iliad, Illuminati: New World Order, Incan Gold (2009 Fred Version), Incursion, Inquisitio (2009), Invasion From Outer Space (Flying Frog), Island of Doctor Necreaux, K2 (2010), Ka Ching, Killer Bunnies Base (Blue &amp(R) Yellow), Killer Bunnies expansions, Killer Bunnies Ultimate Odyssey, Kingmaker (AH), Kung Fu Fighting (Slugfest), Kung Fu Fighting: More (Expansion), Last Night On Earth, Last Night On Earth (Stock Up Supplements),Last Night On Earth, Legend of the Five Rings, Legitimacy, Loot, Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game, Lunch Money, Magestorm (2010), Magic The Gathering,Masters Gallery,Micro Mutants, Mimic (4-player xpansion),Modern Art Card Game (Fred Version), dern Society (2009), Money(Fred Version), MtG (Magic The Gathering), Munchkin Quest, Mystery Express, Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper, Mystery Rummy: Jekyll &amp(R) Hyde, Myth: Pantheons (2010), Netrunner, (R)Nexus Ops, (R)Nightfall (2011), (R)Nile (Minion Games), (R)Nostra City, (R)Pandemic (US version), (R)Pandemic (wersja polska), (R)Pandemic: On The Brink Expansion, (R)Paths of Glory, (R)Penny Arcade, (R)Pesky Humans, (R)Phantom Leader, (R)Phase by Agi, (R)Pig Pile, (R)Pirate King, (R)Pokémon Trading Card Game, (R)Poker Cards, (R)Princess Bride: Storming the Castle, (R)Prodigy (2010), (R)Race For The Galaxy, (R)Race For The Galaxy Rebel Vs. Imperium, (R)Race For The Galaxy The Gathering Storm, (R)Race For The Summit, (R)Railroad Tycoon, (R)Red Dragon Inn (Slugfest), (R)Red Dragon Inn 2 (Slugfest), (R)Rheinlander, (R)Rowboat by Moosetache Games, (R)Scum, (R)Seppuku, (R)Shadow Hunters, (R)Shadowrun TCG, (R)Shifting Sands, (R)Sleuth, (R)Snarf Quest, (R)Soul Hunters (2009), (R)Space Station Assault, (R)Stalin's War, (R)Star Trek CCG, (R)Star Trek: Customizable Card Game (1st Ed), (R)Star Wars CCG, (R)Street Illegal, (R)Stronghold (2009), (R)Sturgeon (Minion), (R)Successors (3rd Edition), (R)Sylla, The Phantom League (2010), (R)Thunderstone, (R)To Court the King, (R)Tomb, (R)Tornado Alert! (2010), (R)Touch of Evil, (R)Tower of Mystery, (R)Traders of Carthage, (R)Twilight Struggle, (R)Twilight Struggle Deluxe Edition (2010), (R)UFS, (R)Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, (R)Vegas Showdown, (R)Veto ! Szlachecka Gra Karciana (2007), War for Edað(R)h, (R)Warhammer: The Invasion Card Game Core, (R)Warmachine, (R)Wasabi, (R)Wilderness War, (R)Wits and Wagers, (R)World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, (R) World War II: Barbarossa to Berlin, (R)Wyvern, (R)Zanziar (2008), (R)Zombie in my Pocket (2010)
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